By Damien Monaco

Being categorized as dance music can be very misleading. I personally do like the genre, but I wouldn’t necessarily think to throw LEGS into that arena. With that said, the first track, “High Time,” was not what I was expecting at all. However, I was very pleased with what I heard. These Brooklyn newcomers describe their style as “blending modern indie pop with Stax-worthy hooks” and “a mobile cauldron of everything retro and cosmopolitan.” After listening to the first track on this EP, you will agree. Tito Ramsey’s vocals on “High Time” are reminiscent of something David Bowie would have made in the 1970s and the music takes you back to the pop of the mid-’80s.

The next track, “Touchtone,” can be compared to Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails circa Pretty Hate Machine. On this song, the tempo is faster and more upbeat, enticing you to start tapping your feet. Followed by “Sword and Stone,” which is much slower by comparison. Although “Sword and Stone” evokes a somewhat dark feeling, moments of the song come to life with the excellent playing of keyboardist Jack Ramsey, guitarist Charles Larson, drummer Juan Miguel Marin and bassist Herman Marin. The darker elements, combined with the bursts of energy strategically placed throughout, result in one harmonious song.

Finishing off the self-titled EP are “It Takes Control” and “So Obvious.” “It Takes Control” has a flamenco vibe going on, while “So Obvious” will bring some back to their Studio 54 days. “At moments, the songs veer into asymmetrical art rock, with rises and falls that nod to Stop Making Sense,” the band comments about their music. “At others, they swing unapologetically into the great tradition of disco, with tishy hi-hats and soaring synth pads.” And indeed they do. LEGS is able to pull off this blend of genres without a hitch. Even though other bands, such as Electric Six or Scissor Sisters, have very similar styles, LEGS brings their own twists and unique elements to the table.

After several listens to the EP as a whole, maybe dance is the best description for LEGS. Unfortunately, the term “dance music” has a stigma to it, where most people immediately think of the artists that are currently at the top of the dance charts, such as Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas. Believe me, LEGS is no crappy dance act. The music is “100 percent guaranteed tomakeyou feel athletic, kinetic, sexy, benevolent, cosmopolitan, declamator, exotic, extroverted, hungry, naive, nocturnal and possibly wry.”