Steve Rannazzisi Performs at Governor’s, on November 25, 2015

By Damien Monaco

Smithtown native Steve Rannazzisi recently returned to Long Island to perform at Governor’s of Levittown, on November 25, 2015. The comedian was greeted with a packed venue full of people enjoying their Blackout Wednesday and looking for a good laugh. Rannazzisi’s humor and playfulness did not disappoint.

Comedian and columnist Kevin Downey Jr. warmed up the crowd with his jokes that were mainly centered around drinking – “If alcoholism is an illness, why can’t I call in to work drunk?” Even though Downey is from Michigan, he made it a point to tailor some of his jokes to the local crowd, making fun of dead hookers being left at Gilgo Beach. Though some may have been offended, it was hard to tell over all the laughter.

Following Downey on stage was New Yorker Chris Monty, delighting the patrons with his joyful humor about the holidays: “I’m back home, seeing all the houses decorated. It looks like Home Depot threw up on your fucking lawn.” With cracks about the holidays, family heritage and dating, Monty captivated the audience throughout his set. “Back in the day, we didn’t have Grindr or Tinder. We had to meet the girl in the bar, follow her home and hide in the bushes.”

Now it was time for Rannazzisi to take the stage. Thanks to Downey and Monty, the crowd was in a good mood and ready for the main act. Known by many for his role on The League, Rannazzisi only briefly spoke about football, instead focusing on sex for the majority of his performance. Even though he taunted some of the audience members, Rannazzisi chose himself to be the topic of a lot of his anecdotes.

“My wife and I had sex and it was a really good one,” Rannazzisi informed the crowd. Good for him, and hopefully good for his wife… “My wife needs her tits done,” and this is why Rannazzisi feels there should be surgery funding through a platform similar to Kickstarter. On a marketing kick, he also suggested that Tempur-Pedic start producing advertisements showing how you can have sex while your spouse sleeps – no more wine demonstrations!

Rannazzisi did a decent amount of improv throughout his act, as well, asking audience members questions and responding with hilarious comebacks. Although Rannazzisi’s performance is raunchy, it is all in good fun – just don’t bring the children with you, as he “call[s] 6-year-olds cunts all the time.”

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