Truth in Transit Performs at Ollie’s Point, on August 29, 2012

By Damien Monaco

Following Graham Capobianco, of Patchogue, can be a challenge. He has always been a talented musician, but sadly the bands he works with never seem to pan out. As featured before in Perpetual Toxins (“The Article That New Music Built”), Capobianco was in Our Own Ghosts, where the other members of the band apparently kicked him out, regardless of the fact that he was the one that started that group – but that is OK, as it is their loss.

This setback did not discourage Capobianco from pursuing his dreams. He started another band called Truth in Transit (,, where he is the lead vocalist, guitarist and captain. To make things more difficult, the majority of the members of that group left to create their own band, called Mayve. Still staying positive, Capobianco was able to find new people to replace those who had left.

Sometimes everything works out for a reason. When the new line-up of Truth in Transit performed on Aug. 29, 2012, at Ollie’s Point, in Amityville, the band was extremely impressive. They began with “Friends for Never,” a song that stayed true to Capobianco’s style and was perfected by his new band mates.

Followed by “Distance/Time=Acceleration,” the performers once again wowed the crowd with their talent. Next up was “The Places We Don’t Know,” exciting visitors with another song that has yet to be released officially.

Truth in Transit continued with “Grandfather Clock,” a track available on their EP En Route. Capobianco’s vocals are amazing and help to convey the message of this song. Proceeding with “A Man or a Myth,” one must not forget that this band would not be complete without Tom LaVecchia, guitarist and screen printer, of West Babylon; Mike “DS” Della Speranzo, bassist, life coach, of Bay Shore; JJ Hoeffner, keyboardist and backing vocals, of Hauppauge; and Derek Santo, on drums, with educational oversight, of Bay Shore.

The group concluded with “Give Up.” The last song only left you wanting to hear more. Being one of Rick’s Rising Stars (, I know we will see much more of this band in the future.

If you have Verizon FiOS, keep an eye out for this performance, as the show and an interview with Truth in Transit will be on TV in a segment called Rick’s Rising Stars, in a future episode of My Long Island, FiOS 1 (channel one).