The Hate My Day Jobs – Demo

By Tiffany Razzano

There’s nothing revolutionary here, but these guys certainly do what they do very well. And what they do is snotty, garage rock, with the bravado and feedback that brings the listener back 40 years or so.

The first track, “Counterpoint,” shows off how incredibly tight the band is, as well as their youthful energy. The lead singer’s vocals display a controlled lack of control that’s effective as he repetitively sings, “What’s the point? / What’s the point? / What’s the point? / Counterpoint.”

This is followed by “Outta Control,” a track whose music and lyrics make the band sound younger than they are. In fact, the chorus is, “Outta control / Outta control / I’m a teenager in the body of a 25-year-old.” The band, who “liv[es] on pop-tarts and beer” and “TV and tears,” could have easily written this as an anthem for a generation of 20-somethings, bored and unhappy, but generally complacent to their situation in life. This brings the listener back to the bands of the Mod generation, such as The Who, whose garage rock featured similar themes of youthful boredom and uncertainty.