Adam Ferrara Performs at Governor’s, on November 14, 2015

By Damien Monaco

On November 14, 2015, ecstatic fans waited in line outside of Governor’s Comedy @ McGuire’s on what felt like one of the coldest days that we have experienced this year. None of the patrons seemed to mind though, except for the few people that walked toward us, slightly shaking their heads in protest as they did a 180 and returned to the warmth of their cars.

After a brief stint outdoors, the line began to move and before we knew it we were warming up by a glowing TV, appropriately airing the presidential debate. Although not thrilled about the communal seating, it turned out fine, with polite customers on either side of me, enjoying the show and abiding by the establishments request to keep discussions to a minimum.

With a packed house waiting to be entertained, the performers would have their work cut out for them.

First up was Tim Gage with his light-hearted, racially inspired comedy. Some may be put off at first with his stereotypical remarks about local cultures, but in the end, Gage always turns the joke on himself, depicting his life to be more pathetic than anyone else. In the brief amount of time he was on stage, he did an excellent job of getting the crowd riled up and wanting more.

Matt Burke delighted the crowd with his wit, sharing his thoughts on miscapades (escapades that missed the mark), fucking clowns (and getting them pregnant, resulting in 20 babies coming out of the woman like a clown car) and living out his retirement as an old gay guy. Burke also provided insight into the world of porn, pointing out the best gigs to get, including being the star in a balloon popping fetish video. Perhaps a little too raunchy for some, but not this crowd; even some of the more conservative looking people could be observed laughing at Burke’s somewhat taboo comments.

Headlining the show was Adam Ferrara, a local comedian whose success has burdened him with the expectation of performing at a higher standard. Known by many for playing the role of Chief “Needles” Nelson on the series Rescue Me and as the co-host of the U.S. version of the BBC series Top Gear, Ferrara has had fans witness him at the most funniest moments of his career thus far.

adam ferrara 4It is wonderful to see a comedian be able to show a different side of his personality. Having only seen Ferrara on Top Gear, I had only experienced his humor through the censorship of network executives and TV guidelines. On stage, Ferrara still exuded that same charisma as seen on television, but now he could curse and speak his mind.

Incorporating into his act stories about his family, growing up on Long Island and his love for cars, Ferrara was able to keep the patrons engaged the entire time. Though slightly more tame than the previous two comedians, he still threw in the occasional dirty remark, commenting, “Male fraud is like a chick with a dick.”

Besides prewritten material, Ferrara was quick when interacting with the audience. He is able to get information from the members of the crowd and, without missing a beat, find the perfect response to obtain the biggest reaction from the rest of the audience.

Needless to say, Ferrara’s relatable comedy tailored to the Long Island region made for the perfect combination to keep the room filled with laughter all throughout his set. Be sure to check out the new season of Top Gear, and keep an eye out for Ferrara’s other upcoming tour dates.

Once watching all three comedians perform, it is clear why they were all booked for the same show – sarcasm and cynicism, combined with the horrors of living on Long Island, were a dominant topic throughout the night, much to the enjoyment of everyone who came out for a laugh.

For a good time, take in a show at one of Governor’s three locations – you will not be disappointed.