The Ks – Skunk

By Tiffany Razzano

The Ks’ newest album Skunk is full of short, power pop gems.

The first track, “Turn it Up,” is a rocking tune reminiscent of ’80s metal bands. The vocals of lead singer and guitarist Dan Kilian sound a bit like the lead singer from the Violent Femmes. The next tune, “Baby Why Your Eyes So Wild?,” has a catchy bass line and a catchy melody that is enhanced by the group’s harmonizing vocals.

“Highway of the Endless Night” has a heavy ’60s garage rock influence. On “Shiraquin,” Kilian sings about an attempted sexual conquest, telling the girl “sleep with me or [your] whole town dies.” “Why I look at Girls on the Train” is moody and magical as Kilian sings about looking at girls on the train. The album ends with “I Died of Shame,” which opens up with some intricate guitar playing and once again takes on the ’60s garage rock feel.

Fans of well-crafted power pop/rock tunes will enjoy this band.